Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania
Districts 61/41 Area 59


District 41 Christmas Workshop Will be help on Saturday December 2nd 2017

St Paul's Lutheran Church Fish Hill Rd, Tannersville PA

The Theme is Gratitude for AA

Three Speakers from the audience will be randomly selected from names entered in the Christmas Stocking at time of registration to share their stories about Gratitude!

Doors open at 10:00

Lunch served at 12:00

Doors close at 2:00

50/50 and door prizes



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link to our website: WWW.aaintergroupnepa.org

New Officers For Panel 67 District 61

District 61 Panel 67 DCM Brian K. 

District 61 Panel 67 ADCM Adrienne L.

District 61 Panel 67 Treasure 

District 61 Panel 67 Secretary Don P. 

New Officers For District 41

District 41 Panel 67 DCM  Courtney P.

District 41 Panel 67 ADCM 

District 41 Panel 67 Treasurer Dave

District 41 Panel 67 Secretary Marrianne K.